In Remembrance of the African, Black Peoples, West Indian, Caribbean, Pacific Islands & Indigenous Communities contributions to Global Wars that have paved the way for the ‘Cultures’ we know and understand today.

Breaking down the symbolism and meaning behind the BlackPoppyRose Logo

‘Black Poppy Rose’; The logo has 14 letters (5, 5, 4). 5 x 5 x 4 = 100, equaling 100 years since the end of the First World War. Therefore, it also signifies the end of ignorance concerning the contribution of Africans and People of African origin to a host of European wars throughout the ages.

The shape of the letters is also curved, with few angles. This symbolizes the Spirit and Will of Africans and People of African origin, as it’s something that can be bent, but not broken.

A poppy − being a symbol of those that have sacrificed their lives in wars, past and present − is black as it represents the sacrifice of Africans and People of the African Diaspora, in said wars. Poppies also generally have between four and six petals. The central poppy has four petals, representing the four corners of the world from which we have come, and the four corners of the world in which we have fought.

Each petal is also in the shape of a number ‘9’ − the highest number (as in, single digit), representing the highest sacrifice (Freedom and Life). The number ‘9’ has always maintained a deep significance within many African (as well as other) cultures.

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The Meaning of our BlackPoppyRose Logo

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